Welcome to Ispirazione Italian Sandwiches, where we transport your taste buds on a delectable journey to the heart of Italy. With our freshly crafted tigelle bread as the canvas, we paint a culinary masterpiece that blends tradition and innovation. Every bite is an homage to the rich flavors of Italy, a symphony of ingredients that awaken your senses. Get ready to embark on a sandwich adventure that will leave you craving more. Explore our menu, and let Ispirazione Italian Sandwiches be your passport to an Italian flavor escape.
Tigelle, originating from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, boast a rich history dating back centuries. Traditionally, they were cooked on a terracotta dish called a "testo" over an open flame. These warm, round flatbreads were a staple in the homes of Italian families, particularly in the Apennine Mountains. Over time, their popularity spread across Italy and beyond, capturing the hearts and taste buds of many. Today, tigelle have become a symbol of Italian culinary heritage, cherished for their versatility in creating both savory and sweet delights, all while preserving their age-old charm.

Tigelles, a delightful discovery for those new to Italian cuisine, are round, warm, crunchy outside and soft inside. Think of them as the Italian answer to a tortilla or pita, but with a unique twist. These bread rounds serve as the perfect base for a variety of fillings. Whether you're into savory combinations like cheeses and cold cuts or sweet pairings with jams and spreads, tigelles are a versatile delight that introduces your taste buds to the heartwarming flavors of Italy. They're a warm, welcoming hug for your taste buds and a delightful introduction to a world of delicious Italian traditions. Buon Appetito!
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